Riegel Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer our members eStatements.
No more waiting for the mail carrier to bring your monthly and/or quarterly statements.  Log on to RIB (Riegel Internet Banking) and select "eStatements" to sign up. You will then be able to retrieve your monthly statements, print them and/or save them to your local PC or memory stick.  No more paper to save!

Here is some general information on our eStatement product:
  • Online statement history will be retained for up to 18 months. Information prior to registration may not be available online.
  • All statements are viewable electronically in PDF (Portable Document Format) which can be viewed online, saved to your computer, or printed at your convenience.
  • By enrolling in eStatements, you will no longer receive a statement in the mail for the account(s) that you have enrolled.  Please make sure your email address is current within RIB so that you can receive emails alerting you to your statements availability.
  • If you close your account or cancel the service, you will no longer be able to view your account statements online.  Before canceling the service or closing your account, print or electronically save copies of your eStatements for your records.
 As always, should you have any questions please feel free to call any of our branches