Fee Schedule

Rates effective October 1, 2019


This Rate and Fee Schedule sets forth certain conditions, rates, fees and charges applicable to your deposit accounts at the Credit Union at this time. The Credit Union may offer other rates and fees or amend the rates and fees contained in this schedule from time to time. Each account holder agrees to the terms set forth on this Rate and Fee Schedule and acknowledges that it is a part of the Membership and Account Agreement.

Membership Fee$1.00one time only upon joining
No Feemembers age 16 and under
ACH Return Item$30.00each
ACH Stop Payment$15.00each
*ATM WithdrawalNo Fee*
*ATM TransferNo Fee*
*ATM InquiryNo Fee*
*ATM Purchase (POS)No Fee*
ATM Replacement Cards$6.00each
BillPayer Copy of Check$3.00each
BillPayer Monthly FeeNo Feeper account
BillPayer Stop Payment$15.00each
BillPayer Return Item$30.00each
Call 24 Audio ResponseNo Fee
**Check Card InquiryNo Fee**
**Check Card TransferNo Fee**
**Check Card WithdrawalNo Fee**
**Check Card Purchase (POS)No Fee***
**Check Card Replacement Cards$6.00each
**Check Card / ATM Card ISA Fee1% of Transactionamount
Certified Share Draft$3.00each
Copy of Share Draft$3.00each
Copy Service$0.10each page
Domestic Wire Transfer Out$35.00each
Dormant Account Fee (2 years and over)$5.00per month
Fax Service$2.00first page, $1.00 ea.additional
Foreign Currency Purchase$14.50processing fee
Funds Transfer - Next-Day Inbound$2.00each
Funds Transfer - Next-Day Outbound$2.00each
Funds Transfer - Standard - InboundNo Feeeach
Funds Transfer - Standard - Outbound$1.00each
Funds Transfer - Insufficient Funds$35.00each
Incoming Wire Transfer$10.00each
Insufficient Funds on Member Share Draft$30.00each
International Wire Transfer Out$75.00each
Levy/Lien Processing Fee$85.00processing fee
Member Share Draft Printing FeesFeesdepend on style and quantity ordered
Medallion Signature Guarantee$15.00each
Non-Member Check Cashing$5.00per check
PopMoney - Consumer Pay Request$1.00each
PopMoney - Standard$1.00each
PopMoney - Next Day$2.50each
PopMoney - Send Money Standard$1.00each
PopMoney - Send Money Next Day$2.50each up to $250.00
PopMoney - Send Money Next Day1%each $250.01 and over
PopMoney - Stop Payment$15.00each
PopMoney - Insufficient Funds$35.00each
Research Fee$20.00each
Returned Mail$10.00each occurrence
Returned Check$30.00each
Statement Copy$1.00each page
Stop Payment on Member Draft$15.00each
Third Party Tellers Check$3.00each
VISA Gift Card$3.95each
VISA TravelMoney Cards$5.95each
Western Union$15.00each


You may be charged a fee by the owner of the ATM or by any national, regional, or local network used in processing the transaction. This ATM surcharge will be debited from your account.


You may be charged a fee by the owner of the ATM or by any national, regional, or local network used in processing the transaction. This surcharge will be debited from your account.

*** While using your Riegel Check Card, you may be charged a $1.00 fee based on the way in which the merchant processes the transaction.