Mission & History

Our Mission Statement

"To help every member improve their financial well-being with quality service, while maintaining our fiscal integrity."

Our History

In 1960, a group of employees of Riegel Paper pooled their resources and received a federal charter to form their own credit union. This group of volunteers and community activists provided a place where hard-working locals could save for the future and borrow to get through tough times.

Over the years the mills were sold or closed and the community has undergone significant changes. One of the few constants has been the Riegel Federal Credit Union. Today, we continue to serve the community by offering savings products, loan products and transaction products with friendly and personal service. A quick visit to our offices or a short conversation with our employees and volunteers quickly reveals what a purely community institution Riegel remains. Not only do we know most members by name, but we probably will know their relatives and friends by name as well.