Visa Check Card

Riegel Check Card

Pays like a credit card - Just Swipe and Sign!

Acts like a check - The purchase amount is deducted from your share draft (checking) account.

Unlike a credit card, the Riegel Check Card does not accrue interest. This is a great way to pay as you go and to avoid a large balance at the end of the month. The Riegel Check Card can be used worldwide to make purchases wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Your card can even be used at ATM's with a PIN for quick access to your cash.

The Riegel Check Card is also a secure way to shop whether online or over the phone. When shopping on the Internet you have the ability to use Verified by Visa. Verified by Visa is a free service offered to all Riegel VISA Check and Riegel VISA credit cardholders. This service adds password protection on purchases when shopping at participating merchants on the internet. Even if you do not plan to shop on the internet, you should create a password to protect a criminal from making fraudulent purchases. You can register by clicking on the logo.

Verified by Visa

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After Hours VISA Debit Card Lost or Stolen Hotline:

For Lost or Stolen VISA Debit (Check) Cards, please call 1-800-472-3272.