Popmoney allows RFCU members the freedom to pay others electronically using only the person's mobile phone number or email address. The recipient doesn't have to be a RFCU member to receive payments.  Payments are quick and easy via RIB (Riegel Internet Banking) or via the RFCU Mobile App.

NOTE: Popmoney is for personal use only, it may not be used for business accounts or purposes.

Popmoney Infographic

Features & Benefits:

  • Set up Popmoney to send recurring payments to a specific person
  • Send money at a future date
  • Receive automatic deposits (after the first deposit is claimed)
  • Create custom email templates for gifting money
  • Write electronic notes for transactions to keep records
  • Import contacts from popular email services


Where to access Popmoney

  • You can access Popmoney through RIB (Riegel Internet Banking) or with the RFCU Mobile App


How to use Popmoney

  • To send money, simply log into RIB via a computer or mobile phone, click on the "Move Money" tab and then select "Popmoney" from the drop down menu.


Information needed to send money

  • Simply enter the recipient's email address or mobile phone number, how much you'd like to send and when to send it - that's it! Recipients will be notified that the funds are there via a text message or email. It's that easy!



  • Information sent to Popmoney is encrypted using industry leading software, hardware, and algorithms. Security is also utilized at specific points and actions within the product.